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You can download free editions of Integral Lifework books here in DjVu format, as well as view some of them online at the Internet Archive.
Currently these full-length books are available in DjVu versions only.  This is different than the Kindle or EPUB e-book formats available for purchase.  The DjVu versions have a smaller file size and lower image resolution, but the text is still searchable and is formatted exactly the same as the printed books (similar to a PDF file).  These versions are provided for readers with limited technological or financial resources, and for anyone who wishes to preview these books prior to purchasing them.  Please note that certain fonts (in particular certain headings) may not always display reliably in DjVu versions.
DjVu files require special software to view them.  The following links are for free software… For desktops, you can download DjView/DjVuLibre. For Android devices, check out EBookDroid in Google Play. For iPhones and other iOS devices, try KyBook Reader at the iTunes Store. For additional resources, see

Please note that the Integral Lifework Center cannot provide support for any DjVu software. Special thanks to Jakub Wilk,, and the creators of for their free document conversion tools.

DOWNLOAD the DjVu versions of each ILC book here:

Essential Mysticism
(540 Kbytes)
True Love
(2.3 Mbytes)
The Vital Mystic
(1.5 Mbytes)
Memory : Self
(1.2 Mbytes)


Here are a few articles discussing important aspects of Integral Lifework:

Additional works by Todd Collins Logan that are beyond the scope of Integral Lifework can be found at These include essays, poetry, a blog, and information about other books.


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